Lent Bags

For this Covid time, I created Lent bags of activities for the children in my church (most of the children in my church are 7 years and younger). Much of what I used were leftovers from previous craft purchases. The cross boxes were purchased at some point before my time here. The cutout people and the butterflies were leftover from another craft. I purchased the candles from Dollar Tree, the rocks from Michaels along with the paint pens, and the sidewalk chalk. I put the butterfly craft with the pipe cleaners in Easter paper bags that I had lying around, and purchased the purple bags from Dollar Tree.

Lent Activity Instructions

Rev. Meriah Tigner, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Tipton, Indiana, adapted the idea for younger children and for youth:

Lent-Activity-Instructions Lent-activity-youth

Feel free to use and adapt!

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