Ideas for Pentecost Sunday:

-Have the congregation wear red, the liturgical color for Pentecost.

-Have a Pentecost Party! We did this on Zoom in 2020. I mailed red decorations (balloons, red spirals, streamers–anything that would mostly lie flat in an envelope) and people decorated their homes. We did a scavenger hunt for things that began with the letter S for Spirit, things that were red, and things that move in the wind. You can also invite people to have a cupcake or muffin with a candle and sing Happy Birthday to the church!

-Have the scripture read in different languages, or find videos of people reading in other languages.

-Make pinwheels! You can use a square sheet of paper, a pencil, and a pin. Cut the paper from each corner to three-quarters of the way to the center. Pin down one corner of each flap to the pencil. You can decorate the paper before cutting and pinning.

-What are your ideas? Send them in at I will credit you on this page.