NEXT OF KIN is available for pre-order!

My debut scifi novel, a retelling of Ruth, is now available for preorder! Order your copy today.

You can read more about this thrilling science fiction adventure on my fiction author website, Melinda Mitchell.

Years after leaving war behind, Ami Lehem can’t shake the shadow of death.

When a meteor strike kills her husband and renders the planet Dibon uninhabitable, she vows to bring her mother-in-law Mara home to Melas. After a harrowing journey across the galaxy, Ami and Mara find hope in a new life. But even in a new place, they can’t seem to bury their past. For when she finds work on Melas, Ami recognizes a familiar face, a mysterious man named Bo who shared their journey. As they become closer, Ami discovers nothing on Melas is what it seems … including Bo. When her former commanding officer makes terrible accusations against her new love, Ami is torn between duty and hope. Ami must find truth within a web of lies, and one wrong move can send her back into the never-ending cycle of war she tried so hard to escape.

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