Speak It Plain (a thank you post)

Very grateful for this gift from Rev. Emily Owen, from my wishlist. Thank you! I love Meta Herrick Carlson’s prayers–her previous book Ordinary Blessings was a go-to in the early days of Covid shutdown for me. This current book contains prayers and liturgy for all seasons. Such a gift! So this is also a thank you to Meta Herrick Carlson and her beautiful work.
My wishlist is a way you can support the ministry of rev-o-lution if you choose.

1 thought on “Speak It Plain (a thank you post)

  1. Emily Owen

    You are most welcome! There is another one coming, but it is a new release so should be there in a few days. I am a pastor in Austin,Texas and as I am sure you saw in the news, we had a very non-Texas winter storm that caused many of us to go days without electricity or water. By the time I sat down to write liturgy for this past Sunday, I was running on empty. I used some of your beautiful prayers for our Zoom worship service and simply wanted to show my appreciation to you for sharing them with us. Peace to you today!


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