New Lenten Series for 2022: Sojourning

I’ve created a new series this year based off of the Revised Common Lectionary readings from Luke, called Sojourning. The series is based on preparing for a journey, like a road trip or a hike, and mirrors the journey of our lives and experiencing Christ now, not just waiting for the end of our lives. The reign of God is at hand.

Lenten Series 2022 Sojourning

3 thoughts on “New Lenten Series for 2022: Sojourning

  1. Deb Hanson

    This series looks wonderful! May I use the ideas for my own outlines? I would give you credit, of course! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tish

    Yes, this series does look really nice. Thank you sharing and for allowing us to share! I, too, would like to use and reference your work in my message! God bless you!!


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