An Update on this Website status

An update: is working again. However, all of the content from my previous rendition is lost.
This is bare bones. I will be redesigning/reorganizing over the holidays.
Currently, if you go under Special Resources, you will find an Archive page that contains all posts from Oct-Dec and I posted the resources for December 27th as a blog post.
Everything else will take a while for me to reload.
Because I have paid for a one-year hosting plan with my current provider, my goal is in the next year to find a new host and move rev-o-lution permanently.
Rev-o-lution Resources are free to use, and that’s what I hope to continue. So, to help with this effort, I am accepting Venmo and PayPal donations. Anything received will go to the cost of maintaining and transferring the website in the next year.
Venmo: @mindi-welton-mitchell
Thank you so much for your continued support of Rev-o-lution Worship Resources.

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