Currently, I am happy to lead workshops or retreats via Zoom or other online tools–just reach out and ask!

Rev. Mindi has primarily led Women’s Retreats, but is also known for Church Vision retreats as well as past Youth retreats.  All of the retreats are centered around the theme of “Co-Creation.”  The idea is that we are co-creators with God; created in God’s image as in Genesis: 1:26-27, we have innate creative ability that is given to us by God the Creator.  When we work towards an authentic vision in our lives and in our congregations and organizations, we are co-creating that vision with God.

“Spirituality in Life and Work.”
This is the primary Women’s Retreat Rev. Mindi has led over the last ten years, covering such topics in the retreat on Prayer Practices: Deepening our Relationship with God; Finding Meaning in our Journey of Life: exploring our life’s journey so far through the mountains and valleys; Finding Time in our Lives: Slowing Down from a Fast-Paced World; and Co-Creating a Vision of my Life: using collage to creatively express a vision of our life that is in line with our hopes and dreams.

“Co-Creating Vision with Christ” is the title of the Church Vision Retreats.  The focus of this retreat in a one-day format (or overnight) is to hone in on a simple vision statement, based on Habakkuk 2:2: “Write the vision; make it plain so that a runner might read it.”  It is not the be-all and end-all of vision statements and creating a long-term vision for your church; instead, it is to help jump-start the vision process.  To create a simple vision statement that the whole congregation can know and memorize–it can be one word, or a sentence–that points the way for the congregation.  This retreat reminds the congregation that they are co-creators with God.  We are created in the image of our Creator, and we all have been given the ability to be creative, through a variety of gifts and talents.  This retreat works on finding our creative gifts and working towards a vision with Christ.  Exercises during the retreat focus on what it is we want as individuals in our relationship with God, where do we get bogged down in our church life and day-to-day task.  From that vision statement, churches are encouraged to follow-up in aligning their structure and mission towards the vision co-created with Christ.  Many congregations go through vision processes and programs; this retreat is designed to complement that process or to help jump-start the conversation.  However, Rev. Mindi also feels called to help smaller congregations that cannot afford the church-vision programs available for purchase out there or who feel that the programs do not fit their congregation, and are looking for something new, yet Biblically based.

For clergy,  Rev. Mindi has led workshops on Spiritual Writing.  Using different writing exercises, we explore how we might delve into feeding our own relationship with Christ using the creative gift of writing.  This is a fun workshop that Rev. Mindi leads that can be part of a retreat or a regular monthly clergy gathering.

She is also open to tailoring workshops for your retreat or event.

If you are interested in Rev. Mindi being your retreat leader or conference speaker, or church consultant, please contact her at for information on fees and schedule.  Arrangements can often be made between congregations and organizations to share costs for her travel and presentation.

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  1. Toby says:

    Major enthusiast of your website, a variety of your blog posts have truly helped me out. Looking towards posts!

  2. Rev. Mindi Rev. Mindi says:

    Glad I can be of help! 🙂
    Blessings, Mindi

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