Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th through October 15th. My friend, the Rev. J. Manny Santiago noticed that there were very few liturgical resources from the mainline churches, so I became determined to share some resources for those congregations wanting to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Rev. J. Manny Santiago is the pastor of University Baptist Church in Seattle, WA



Rev. J. Manny Santiago, pastor of University Baptist Church in Seattle, WA , composed this Letania de un pueblo siervo de Dios/Litany of a Servant People Letania para mes de la hispanidad


Rev. Mindi and Rev. J. Manny Santiago at the American Baptist Biennial Meeting in Pasadena, CA 2009



Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell wrote this Prayer of Celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month, translated by the Rev. J Manny Santiago Prayer for Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month





If you have liturgical resources for Hispanic Heritage Month, please email me at info@rev-o-lution.org and I will be glad to share them!


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  1. Rev. James Lee says:

    Thank you. I pastor a racially diverse church, and I was ill-equipped to provide our church with liturgy appropriate for Hispanic Heritage month, which we will celebrate on Sunday. You gifted me.

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