Blessed are the maskwearers,
who help prevent passing on of illness.
Blessed are the maskmakers,
who are blessing us with their craft.
Blessed are the ones on the front lines,
who are doing their part to slow the spread, care for the sick, and provide emergency support.
Blessed are the grocery laborers, the sanitation workers, the hospital janitors—
essential workers who make our lives possible.
Blessed are all who stay home.
Blessed are the stressed out, the tired, the anxious, the lonely—
for we are alone together.
Blessed are you when you lose it—
because you are human.

You are loved, and God will see us through.

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2 Responses to Beatitudes for a Covid-19 world

  1. This is beautiful! I am going to share on our church Facebook page (with attribution, of course!). Thank you!

  2. Bob Robida says:

    Excellent stuff here! Thanks for publishing it. Is it OK to use some of this in Worship Service his week?

    Thanks, Pastor Bob

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