I’ve designed a simple outline for an online Maundy Thursday service that can be done over the phone or via videoconferencing. All the preparation needed is for all who are present to have communion elements at home. As a Baptist, in my tradition we believe in the priesthood of all believers, and so an ordained minister does not have to preside over the table. I did not include a table liturgy but believe the words of institution can simply be shared and all invited to partake at home.

I would recommend perhaps adding some words into your introduction about the context of Matthew’s Gospel and first-century Judea. All of our Gospel accounts of Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion can be taken out of context and have been used to fuel anti-Judaism. We must remember that Jesus and all of his followers were also Jewish, that there were many different groups of Jews with various beliefs and cultural understandings. We must be clear to denounce anti-semitic interpretations and to note that Jesus died on a Roman cross, under the authority of the Roman government. Matthew 27:25, “his blood be on us and on our children,” has often been used to blame Jews for Jesus’ death. Please use caution in sharing these scriptures and interpretation, and offer guidance for those reading and listening.

Simple Maundy Thursday Service 2020

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