In this world of COVID-19, most of us are worshiping at home and not at our churches. So how do we observe Maundy Thursday or Good Friday? (See my post for Palm/Passion Sunday; scroll down for ideas on how to celebrate at home).

My suggestion for Maundy Thursday is to adapt a Maundy Thursday service for home. As a Baptist, I believe in the priesthood of all believers and in my polity and theology, an ordained clergyperson does not need to be present at the table. You can send readings and resources home and encourage people to break bread and share the cup among their family. Or, through videoconferencing, you can share the service together. Plan ahead and ask people to make sure they have some sort of bread and juice/wine to drink if possible. Assign readings ahead of time, and observe the Last Supper together.

For Good Friday, perhaps prepare a mediation that can be sent home for people to reflect on Jesus’ death, or again, you can do a video or teleconference for a service.

Don’t overdue it. We’re in different times. We can’t be all things to all people and we can’t reach everyone. We can only do what we can. My suggestion is to keep it simple but meaningful, and find ways of connecting with each other during the week.

Holy Week is a good time to remember that even the disciples scattered. Even Jesus felt lonely and isolated. And perhaps our greatest fears of dying alone were lived through Jesus, who conquered death. There is nothing we can fear that is greater than what Jesus has been through. Perhaps that is what we can hold on to in these days.

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