Here is a new Advent Candle lighting liturgy, based off the Isaiah passages in year A for Advent, and an overall theme on Names of the Messiah in Isaiah 9:6.

Advent Candle Lighting Year A Names of the Messiah

As always, it is important for us to remember that while we read from the prophets in the season of Advent, Isaiah and others were speaking of hope for a new king in their day, one that would remind them that God was with them (Immanuel). Early followers of Jesus, who were Jewish, looked back in their own scriptures and found these images of a king in the line of David. However, when one reads the verses in context, they find that Isaiah was speaking of Hezekiah in chapter seven. It is important for us Christians not to see Jesus as the sole interpretation of these prophesies, for there is a long history of Jewish scholarship and interpretation. Nonetheless, the hope of a messiah, of one sent from God who would save the people, was rekindled for first-century followers of Jesus, and in our tradition we read these passages in Advent, in preparation for God to enter our world and lives in a new way in the birth of the Christ-child.

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