God of Life,
We are at a loss of what to say.
There are no words that can bring comfort.
No words that can bring healing.
Nothing we can do that can end the pain so many are experiencing.

O God, we are angry.
Angry that white supremacy and antisemitism continue to rise.
Frustrated that nothing has been done to stop this.
Fearful that the past will again repeat itself.

As Christians, O Lord, sometimes we hide behind our crosses,
Ashamed of the antisemitism that has risen yet again,
Reluctant to call out our own ignorance from our scriptures and interpretation,
Hiding behind a ruse of loving one another, that we must hear the other side.

Have we become the very thing we loathe,
Passive-aggressive lukewarm followers of Jesus?
The ones who say they’ll stay until the end but leave before the rooster crows?
The ones who say they stand for justice and love and peace,
But silence the oppressed and the marginalized, keeping them further at the edge?

O God, we confess our sins:
We repent of white supremacy and antisemitism
We repent of comfortability
We repent of our lukewarm nature that wants to keep a selfish peace.

We repent, and we ask for forgiveness.
Call us back to Your ways of justice that call us to speak out for the marginalized and oppressed.
Call us back to Your ways of justice that call us out when we are silencing voices.
Call us back to Your ways of justice that convict us of our own wrongdoing.

Help us to accept that at times we must be shamed.
Help us to accept that at times we must be silent so others can speak.
Help us to accept that at times we must speak to amplify the voices around us.
Help us to accept that at times it will be painful to confront white supremacy and antisemitism,
racism and settler colonialism,
in our families, in our churches, and indeed, in our Scriptures.

O God, You are greater than any hate in this world.
Your love is greater than all our mistakes and shame.
Your love is greater far than anything that can hold us back.

Help us to recognize.
Help us to repent.
And help us to move forward.

In this time, help us to show solidarity with our Jewish neighbors,
Our Muslim neighbors,
Our Black, LGBTQ, immigrant and refugee neighbors,
Our Native American neighbors who had everything taken from them.

For only through our repentance and acts of solidarity can we truly follow You, and live out our faith as Christians.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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