A Call for Solidarity in Prayer, Courage, and Resources

God, You are not the wind and the waves,
You are in the ease of the wind and the calming of the storm.
God, You are not the terror that strikes our hearts,
You are in the hearts of those who respond to help, to search and rescue.
God, You are not destruction and hardship,
You are working in those who bring healing and hope.
God, You are not the storm,
You are the one speaking peace, be still!
God, You are the creator of the earth and heavens,
You are the God of renewal and re-creation.
God, You are the molder and maker of our hearts,
You are the one who gives us courage and strength.
God, You are calling to us to help, however we can.
For we are Your hands and feet and hearts in this world.
May we listen for Your voice, may we see the work You are doing,
And may we join in solidarity with Puerto Rico and all Your children affected by Hurricane Maria, and in all places suffering after the storms and earthquakes.
Guide us in the work of repairing and rebuilding,
Guide our hearts to love, our bodies to help, and our minds to share our resources.
In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

Blessing for the Offering of our Gifts

God, may these offerings be used to rebuild and restore. May our resources be stretched to cover the needs of so many. May our hearts be broken open to the pain and suffering of others. May our minds be open to Your calling, to share what we have with others. God, may Your wisdom and guidance be with those leading in the aftermath of the storm, to help all of those in need. May Your wisdom and guidance be with us, to open us to give as we are able of our time, talent, and finances; to do Your work where it is needed most. Amen.

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