God of the Prophets,

You called upon these ancient ones to speak on Your behalf. You put Your words in their mouths and Your fire in their hearts. They spoke up when the poor were trampled upon. They cried out when the needy were traded for a pair of sandals. They were outraged when there were lavish festivals held by the rich while the poor went hungry. They were imprisoned when they spoke against oppressive regimes, when political choices were made by the leaders that benefited only the elite.

In the name of the prophets, call us to speak out when we see injustice. Call us to put ourselves on the line—our reputations, our jobs, our very lives if need be—because anything less is a failure on our part to live into Your justice. Our faith in You is a life commitment, but sometimes we only pay lip service.

God, give us strength and courage to do this, because it’s hard. We all fail at times to speak up. We all turn away at times, thinking it doesn’t affect us. We all at times want to point the blame at someone else rather than address the oppressor, because we are afraid of backlash. We are afraid of dismantling the system that has worked for us when we followed its rules. But there is only one rule, O God, and that is to love You with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Anything short of this fails. We know this, O God, but we hide behind excuses and illusions.

Tear out the scales that keep us from seeing Your ways. Tear down the walls we have built in our hearts to keep us from others. Tear down the sins of white supremacy and anti-semitism that have been sown in our traditions and culture. Lead us in the ways of the prophets. As Christians, lead us in the footsteps of Jesus, our Savior, who put himself last and went to the cross for all. Amen.

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