Haven’t done one of these for a while, but a lot has happened in my life that I have not caught up my readers on!

  1. I have been called to be the pastor of Queen Anne Baptist Church in Seattle starting June 1st! I am excited for this new ministry opportunity.
  2. Above call means that my family will be moving from the south side of Seattle to the north side, so we just signed a lease and are preparing to pack.
  3. My mother has not been well. She is doing all right now, but I went up to Alaska to visit her last month after she had three surgeries. Not to share all of her details, but she has a long recovery ahead of her.
  4. My kiddo will turn nine this summer and is finishing third grade. Transferring schools is a big deal. Transitions and change are difficult for him.
  5. I’m writing a LOT! My fiction website is www.melindamitchell.com. I completed NEXT OF KIN, a science fiction retelling of the Book of Ruth, and am getting it out to agents now as I write a new manuscript. I’m also still working on my young adult fantasy series.
  6. I will be co-presenting a paper on Digital Space as Sacred Space at the American Baptist Theologians Conference at the end of June in Portland, Oregon, with my friend Paul.
  7. Some selections of prayers from this site will be included in the next Manual of Worship by Judson Press, coming out in 2018.
  8. I am saying goodbye to friends and Burien Community Church.
  9. Open Gathering, the worshiping community my husband and I began four years ago, closed in February. It is a bittersweet ending to that ministry.
  10. I’ve become more active in my community in terms of peacemaking and building relationships. Even though I am moving, I am glad to be part of a community working to bring healing in the midst of a tumultuous time in our country. I am very thankful for the new friendships formed over the last few months, especially with my new Muslim friends, and am sad I did not reach out sooner, but am glad to do so now. I hope to continue this pattern as I move to my new neighborhood and new church.
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  1. Martha Spong says:

    Blessings in your new ministry!

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