Mindi Stole 1Karen Griska creates beautiful handmade stoles for clergy and sells them online in her Etsy shop Shadrach’s. As it is Cyber Monday, please peruse her shop and consider adding one of her stoles to your Christmas list! Karen’s stoles are unique, designed to be creative and distinctive without being flashy.


Mindi Stole 2

I wore her “Forest” stole today for worship and had several compliments on how unique it was and how the colors worked really well for me.  In my American Baptist congregation, I try to follow the liturgical colors for the season and this stole had blue with hints of purple, but the trees and subtle feeling of snow falling was perfect for my Evergreen State congregation as we go from Ordinary Time into Advent.


The stole fits very well, especially around the neckline. I have many stoles that tend to bulge out around the neck, or drag on one side. Not with my new stole—it stays in place and lays flat around my neck.


I actually do not robe in my current setting, so the selfie above is how I wore the stole today, and it looked great with my purple top for Advent.


Be sure to check out Shadrach’s! There is also a link on the main page of the website in case you need to find it again!


Karen is going to add embroidered stoles to her site later this winter, so be sure to check back for her unique designs!

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5 Responses to Just in time for Christmas: Shadrach’s Fine Handmade Stoles!

  1. Karen Griska says:

    Mindi, You look great in your new stole. Thanks for the nice post. I love making these stoles. If you or your readers have any suggestions for stole colors or designs, let me know. I just got some silver silk dupioni which will be nice for clergy with gray hair. I wonder if I should add crosses or leave the stole plain. Maybe I’ll give the buyer the option of adding the crosses or not.

  2. […] first wrote about “Shadrach’s Fine Handmade Stoles” just before Christmas. Karen Griska sent me her “Forest” stole and I loved it! I wore it during Advent. Now she has sent me Scroll Batik #22, which is absolutely gorgeous and I […]

  3. kevin says:

    can you send me a brochure about stole’s ? I can’t seem to find the website.

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