Holy God,
O God…
What words can we say after this?

Santa Barbara, California
Moncton, New Brunswick
Seattle Pacific University, Washington

We pray, God, for no more violence
No more hate
No more revenge
No more anger that burns to reactive fire
No more attacks
No more

What can we say?
We lift up the victims to you.
We lift up their families whose lives will never be the same.
We lift up the injured in their recovery.
We lift up the first responders who witness the horror and still,
still they go on and help.

We pray. We cry.
We breathe out our anger at the senselessness of it all.
What is wrong with the world?
What is wrong with people that they hate so much?
What is wrong that we can’t change this?

Help us, O God.
Help us to change our ways.
Help us to do what we can to care for one another.
Help us to get through this.
Help us to live, and to bless life in all we do.
Help us to change, to want to change, to act to change, to do what we need to do.

Loving God, help us most of all to love.
Help us to love.
Help us love.
We need to love better.
For love is the only thing that can save us.

In the name of Jesus, who love us all
A victim of violence who tells us that
love is stronger than hate
love is stronger than death
love is stronger than the violence in front of us.
Love is stronger.

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  1. Marvin Eckfeldt says:

    Thank you, Mindi.

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