Sunday, January 5th—Twelfth Day of Christmas
The Gift of Blessing
Scripture: Luke 2:21-40

Reflection: We are at the end of the Christmas season. We read the story of Jesus’ blessing in the temple and how his parents journeyed home to Nazareth. So, too, our journey is complete and it’s time to return. We give thanks for the Christmas season and the blessings we have received and shared together, as we move forward into a new season of the year.

Activity: Packing up the Christmas decorations. You can also make paper snowflakes or other seasonal decorations to put up after the Christmas decorations are down.

Prayer: God of Christmas, Past, Present and Future—we thank You for the blessings of this season, for all twelve days that we have shared together. Help us to remember this spirit of the season throughout the year, and the importance of the Incarnation, the Word becoming Flesh. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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