Saturday, January 4th—Eleventh Day of Christmas
The Gift of the World
Scripture: John 3:16-17

Reflection: God loves the whole world! God sent us Jesus so that we might have eternal life. God does not condemn the world but desires to save the world. We live in a wonderful world. God has created everything, and God has given us creative ability. We have made beautiful art, incredible buildings, and awe-inspiring innovations. Sometimes we look at everything made by human beings in a negative light, but much of what has been made is for good, and God inspires us to create. What is something you’d like to learn about the world we live in?

Activity: Take a trip to a zoo, aquarium, gallery or museum. Try to learn something new about our world!

Prayer: God of Artists and Poets, Architects and Engineers, You inspire us in so many ways. Inspire us to learn more about the world You created and how we can create in this world with You. Amen.

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