Thursday, January 2nd—Ninth Day of Christmas
The Gift of Time
Scripture: Psalm 131

Reflection: As the Christmas season nears its end, we know that our lives will get busy again. There are many things that draw our attention away from God and away from our family and friends. The time we have spent together over the holidays can fade into memory as we rush from work and school to activities during the year. The special time we have set aside to remember the meaning of the season will be forgotten. But the Good News is that we can always set aside time to remember the importance of God With Us, and we can spend time with our family and friends.

Activity: Turn off the TV, computer, tablets and phones for one hour. Play games, read out loud, or do something else fun with your family and/or friends. Close your time in prayer.

Prayer: God of Time, grant us the ability to slow down and to live into a pace that savors life, rather than speeding through it. Help us to be thankful for the times we have together. Amen.

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