The last two years I have written an Advent Devotional on this site. But to be quite honest, Advent crept up on me this year and I realized it was going to be rushed (it was the last two years as well anyway) so I decided not to do it. There are plenty of great Christian sites out there with Advent devotionals–lots of bloggers do their own devotionals plus denominational resources abound.

But, there is little to nothing on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Though most of us who follow the Revised Common Lectionary and the liturgical calendar know there are Twelve Days, we don’t celebrate them. Once we get to Christmas Eve, we tune out the Incarnation and tune into unwrapping presents, eating a lot, playing with new toys, recycling wrapping paper, and getting the tree and decorations put away. I know many families who have the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and down the day after Christmas. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be!

This is the INCARNATION we are talking about! The Word becoming Flesh and living among us! And while we put so much emphasis on Christmas being a Christian celebration we then take Christ right out of it. The first Sunday of Christmas is often a Sunday to skip church; for those of us who are clergy, it’s a Sunday to have a guest preacher (often the associate or student intern), or a musical celebration, or a carol-sing, or some other creative way to get out of doing something that requires a lot of preparation. I get it. We’re tired. Advent and Christmas Eve take a lot out of us. But in the process, we miss the Incarnation.

So I will be creating a Twelve Days of Christmas calendar right here. Twelve days of activities, Bible studies, questions to ponder and things to do that point us to look at the Incarnation. I’m also going to throw in a few extra days before Christmas to help us prepare (and because the kids will be out of school). It’s a way to keep a spiritual routine throughout the season of Christmas that we began to develop in Advent. It’s a way to keep us focused on the importance of the whole Christmas season. I’ll also include activities for Epiphany as we end Christmas officially and move toward the revealing of Christ to the world.

I will post the Calendar as a whole very soon, and then post each day separately during the Twelve Days so you can look each day for something new, just like an Advent calendar!

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  2. Annie says:

    I am excited to find a 12 days of Christmas devotion. I hate the let down of intention after Christmas.
    Thank you for doing this~

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