Holy God, on the eve of yet another war, we recognize that it is already too late–
the children’s bodies are already wrapped up for burial
the widows already grieve
the ground is covered with the dust of grenades and bombs
War has entered the world again, but we pretended not to notice because it didn’t involve us.

Now our eyes are opened again, but we still cannot see the full picture. We don’t know all of what happened. We don’t know the end.
We can speculate.
We can hope.
We can spray our own bullets and missiles.
We can pray.
We can angrily denounce and at the same time ready the warships.

Lord, teach us again and again how to beat our swords into plowshares
and our spears into pruning hooks
How to turn our weapons from instruments of violence into instruments of rebuilding
To plant seeds where there was burning
in the ground and in the hearts of the people, may we plant seeds of hope and peace

May we always, always, always
pray for the day
when nation shall not lift up sword against nation
when we shall learn war no more.

May we do more than pray
May we live into this hope by teaching ourselves and our children
How to live in peace with one another
How to build peace between one another
How to teach peace to others
How to live Your peace in our world.

We pray for peace. We pray with our hands and our feet and our hearts and our mouths.
We pray for peace with our very lives.

O Prince of Peace, come, come again
Come again and teach us how to be peacemakers.


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3 Responses to A Prayer for Peace

  1. Rev Bob Marrone says:

    Thanks Mindi,
    This will be a prayer before the passing of the peace this Sunday.
    With thanks,

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