This week I reflected on the need for pastors to work out of the office at [D]mergent. I’ve been in pastoral ministry for eleven years now, and in that time, I think pastoral ministry has shifted priorities. In the past, one did their work in the office and left only for pastoral visitations, because everyone dropped by the office when they had a need or were looking for the pastor.  Today, my priority is being out in the community, getting to know the people who live here, and also going out to do pastoral visitations.  With the proliferation of laptops and smartphones (smartphones didn’t exist when I began in ministry and laptops still cost way more than desktops), it makes less sense to stay in the office (except for those few moments when office work must be done).  So, I hope you enjoy Get Out of the Office, and find your own place to relax and minister, work and read.


Blessings, Mindi

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