I wrote a couple of services a few years ago, for when bad weather strikes–a service for when you only have a few people show up at worship and you decide to ditch the sermon and just celebrate the fact you are together, and a service for those to use at home when you have to cancel worship or for folks who are snowed in.

When Nemo hit on Friday, I thought “great, I’ll share those resources!” But I couldn’t find them. I knew I had posted them, but couldn’t find them at all.  Must have been a product of when I changed domain names two years ago, and I removed some resources in the plans of reposting them.

Well, this morning, well after the time of morning worship on the East Coast, I found them.  So now they are posted for your use, and if you had to cancel services but wanted something to send out to folks at home, feel free to use the worship at home resource.

A midwinter worship service for a snow sunday originally posted 2-4-11

At home worship on a snowy sunday originally posted 2-4-11

Blessings and stay safe!

Rev. Mindi

They will all be permanently in the Special Resources section here:


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  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for this useful resource

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