Scripture: Luke 1:39-56

Sing it, Mary!
Mary sings not a song of fear, or a song of wonder, but a song of triumphant praise! She sings not because of what God is doing for her, but of what God is doing for the whole world! What God is doing for the poor and the hungry and the lowly! She sings without fear. And she sings in the presence of Elizabeth, also bearing the promise of God in her very blood.
So we must sing. God is doing something in our blood, in our lives. God is calling us to proclaim the Good News! As we prepare for Christ to enter our lives in a new way, live your life as a proclaimer of God’s good news! Share the love and hope of God in your very life, and with all who are around you. For God is doing a new thing, now! Sing it!

Prayer: God of singers and musicians, poets and writers, dreamers and artists–create in us a new heart, create in us a new spirit, create in us a new song to sing, so we may testify to Your light and promise. In the name of the Christ, who is coming, we pray. Amen.

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