Scripture: Matthew 1:1-17

Let us remember the unlikely heroes.  Let us remember Tamar and Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba.  Let us remember the women whose stories are often forgotten.  We remember women who did what they could for their own survival and, like Ruth, for the survival of others.  Let us remember that they, too, are part of God’s story made incarnate in Jesus the Christ.

We remember all unlikely heroes–friends who don’t leave your side, teachers who risk their lives for their students, and on this day, mothers who reach out to those who are grieving to comfort children and comfort each other.

Prayer: Loving God, Mother and Father of us all, we thank You for Your witnesses in history, especially for the women whose stories we often forget in the story of Jesus and in our lives.  Help us to remember them with light and love.  In the name of the Christ, who is coming, we pray.  Amen.

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