Scripture: 1 John 5:1-5

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the details. We read Matthew’s version of the Nativity; we read Luke’s, and we realize they don’t match up. We see the discrepancies in the details, we try to fit the pieces together, but sometimes, it just don’t work. And then we wonder, what if the story isn’t true? What if Jesus isn’t true? What if the Bible isn’t true? What if my faith isn’t true? It can snowball.

But the truth is not about the details. We all know human eyes and human memories fail us. We also know that the truth is not in the details, but in the story that is told. The story that is told is of life, of hope, of faith. The story that is told is the incarnation, God with us, Emmanuel. Our faith is in Jesus, the son of God, not in the details of the story. Our faith is not in the donkey that may or may not have carried Mary from Nazareth. Our faith is not in the wise men from the east (how many were there? Where did they come from, exactly?) Our faith is in Jesus, the Christ, who came to save us.

Savior, Emmanuel, Messiah, we know You have come for us. We thank You for the story, for all the ways we elaborate and embellish so that we remember it in our hearts. We thank You for the story we tell to our children. Remind us of our faith in You, that You are God Incarnate, Word-Made-Flesh, who have come into our lives in a new way. In You we have our faith and hope. In the name of the Christ, who is coming, we pray. Amen.

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