Scripture: Mark 1:1-8

Advent is the season of preparation, of baking and wrapping, decorating and singing. Advent is this wonderful time when we prepare for Christmas.

This preparation is practice for us as we prepare for God to enter our lives in a new way. We are waiting for Christmas to come, but let us not miss Christ in the preparations, for God is doing something new.

God is softening our hearts when we want to rush, to help us slow down and allow others to go before us.
God is opening our eyes, to see the lights and wonders of the season instead of passing by to get to the next event.
God is quieting our minds, when we have a big shopping and to-do list, to reflect on the wonder of God who came into the world, entered our lives through Jesus, and will come into our lives in a new way.

O Holy Child of Bethlehem, Descend to us we pray. Enter our lives, O God, and turn us away from the rush of the world to prepare our hearts for You. In the name of the Christ, who is coming, we pray. Amen.

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