Scripture: Romans 12:14-21

We still live in a world where people commonly live by “An eye for an eye.”  We know we are called to live differently.  God’s ways of justice are not retributive, but restorative.  God does not desire punishment, but restoration.  We are called to love our enemies, to do what we can to live in peace with one another.

As we prepare for Christ to enter our lives in a new way, we know God is already present with us and has always been present with us.  We have learned the teachings of peace from Christ’s life, but also through the teachings of Paul, through the lessons of the prophets, and beyond the Bible–the teachings of living in peace permeate many of the world’s cultures and religions.  We have much we can learn about living into the way of shalom, God’s peace.  Let us model that peaceful living to our children and neighbors.


Prince of peace, Guide us in your paths.  Break through our violent ways and lead us in the path of peace, of reconciliation and restoration.  In the name of the Christ, who is coming, we pray.  Amen.

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