Creator of heaven and earth,

We come to You with heavy hearts on this day when we celebrate the saints that have gone before us.  We also mourn those who we have lost in the past year, and especially we mourn with those families who have lost loved ones due to Hurricane Sandy over this past week.  We pray in solidarity with the people of New Jersey and New York and elsewhere who have lost their homes.

You are our Mother and Father, and the creator of all. In the aftermath of the violence of the storm, we see You at work in the gentle waves reshaping the shore.  We see You at work in the hands of volunteers reaching out in help, and in the courage of first responders risking their lives to save others.  We see You at work in the stories of hope, of babies born and in the plans to rebuild.  We see You at work in the re-creation happening as the debris is cleared and the water recedes.

Guide our hearts and hands in ways of helping and sharing out of what we have.  Guide our hearts and minds in prayer, so that we are mindful of humanity’s role in climate change, and guide us to make choices for how we live that can reduce our impact on the earth.

On this day when we celebrate the lives of the saints before us, we remember, we give thanks, and we pray that we might be joined through our prayers and thoughts with those who are struggling in the aftermath of Sandy.  Loving God, open our hearts, hands and minds to be guided by You in ways we can bring help, hope, and healing, remembering the saints who have gone before us who modeled Your love in their lives.  In the name of Christ we pray.  Amen.

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2 Responses to Special prayer for All Saints Day and remembering Hurricane Sandy

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I have shared it with my prayer group. I hope this was ok with you. Your prayer was perfect for the sorrow and pain of those suffering from the storm and also peace and love for those who have gone before us to be with the Lord. May God bless you always and Peace be with you. Deb+

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