AJ eating our farmer’s market purchases. Photo taken by JC Mitchell.

In this move, we have downsized.  We sold our couches and some old bookshelves, much of the baby equipment and a few other items that we brought from Massachusetts to Oklahoma with us but never used.  We have moved out of a house we own (still on the market) and into a parsonage.  The church had furniture from the rummage sale that didn’t sell, so we have a new-to-us living room set that doesn’t quite match.  After spending a good amount of money on our previous living room as newlyweds, only to have a baby soon after that would grow to spill juice, milk, and who knows what else on it (and to think, I was worried at the time about the dogs on the furniture), I don’t know that I will buy new furniture again for a long time.

We sold a car.  We are now a one-car family (however, my husband does have a motorcycle) which has its challenges, but we are getting used to it.  We are walking more and spending more time out on the deck, every day.  We gave up cable TV when we moved from Massachusetts, and for a while in the transition of this move, we went without TV for two weeks.  We are reading more, to the point we started getting the newspaper again.

Probably the biggest change for me is going to the local farmer’s market on Thursdays.  I obviously did not buy enough this week because it is Saturday and almost all the produce I bought is gone.  I find myself desiring the fresh fruits of the season—we ate all of the raspberries and almost all of the blueberries I purchased (AJ ate most of them himself), and today my husband came in with a large bowl of fresh juicy blackberries that grow on the church property.  The salad tonight had crisp romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and a beautiful red pepper from the farmer’s market.

Perhaps it is living in the hippy Pacific Northwest, but also perhaps it is a personal desire to be more in tune with the world around me.  I am enjoying this attempt to live more simply.  I can tell you that AJ loves it as well—the proof is the sap on his bare feet as he refuses to wear shoes and every day must go play by the trees beyond the deck.

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2 Responses to Keeping it simple

  1. Liz says:

    Good for you! I miss the PNW.

  2. Rev. Bob Baril says:

    Mindi, good for you! You’re “bucking the trends”. My wife and I were a one car family for the first 11 years we were married; until our youngest was around 6. Somehow we did that. As I recall, we did not buy new furniture until we’d been married almost twenty years. My son and I LAMENT the demise of the hard copy newspaper. I commend you for going back to it! Somehow, I think I’d like the Seattle area. We LOVED Alaska when we visited.

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