Holy One, known by many Names:

We pray this day in unity with the Sikh Community who have suffered such a tragic loss. We mourn with our neighbors, we pray for comfort, we pray for strength, we pray for a way to reach out and let our neighbors know they are not alone. We all suffer when violence enters our faith communities through ignorance and hate. As Christians we are painfully aware of both the suffering of Christ and the suffering we have caused by our own intolerance in our history. Forgive us all, O God, when we have shrugged off and ignored words of hate in our communities. Help us to stand with our brothers and sisters in the world, and in this time, especially with the Sikh faith community. We pray for peace and unity. We pray in the ways of compassion that our faiths teach us. We pray in the words of the Sikhs,

“You are our Lord and Master, to You I offer this prayer.
The body and soul are all Your property.
You are our mother and father, we are Your children.
In Your grace, there are so many joys! No one knows Your limits.
O Highest of the High, Most Generous God, the whole creation is strung on Your thread.
That which has come from You is under Your command,
You alone know Your state and extent.”*

God, be with us, may we know unity in You, and may we seek to know each other, so that we might live in the ways of peace. Amen.

*the Sikh prayer is taken from this Shabad by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 268

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