Thank you to all of you who follow Rev-o-lution and continue to use the worship resources I have posted. If you have noticed, things have been a bit hectic this summer, resulting in some neglect to I will be reformatting and updating the website next month to make it more user-friendly. Some of the changes I made to this site over the past year were lost during the “malfunction” I experienced last month and so it is harder to read and find things right now, but I promise to change that next month. I am also now able to work ahead and will have Worship Resource postings available nine days before the date on Friday mornings–in fact, the resources for the 29th are already written and scheduled to be posted!

The biggest change is that both my husband and I accepted calls to pastoral ministry in the Seattle WA area. So we have moved, but our stuff is still coming, and we have not moved into our permanent location yet. In the meantime we had a wonderful vacation visiting the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, San Francisco, Redwood National Forest, and visiting many friends and family along the way. We are still visiting family and friends and I will be traveling to Alaska soon for my brother’s wedding celebration with my son.

I am very excited about these opportunities for my family, especially for my son who has autism and will receive many resources that were not available to us in Oklahoma. So I appreciate your prayers and patience! I will continue to write here at as well as my weekly column at, and I will also continue to be a retreat leader and resource creator, as my pastoral position is part-time. God has led us to a wonderful location both physically and spiritually, and we are very happy and excited about our future here in the Pacific Northwest.

Blessings, Rev. Mindi

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