Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

This is the final day in this series. It has been a joy to share these with you.
For Christmas Eve:

We know the story:
Mary and Joseph traveled a long way
To register to pay their taxes
There was no room at the inn
Mary goes into labor and gives birth outside
Cold and alone, in the elements
Yet the angels come and tell the shepherds
The shepherds, working out in the dirt and the dark
Come to see a baby born
And in awe and wonder
Go and share the Good News.

We don’t know the story:
Did someone go for the midwife?
Did Mary have complications?
Did Joseph fall to his knees and pray?
Did the shepherds pinch themselves to see if they were dreaming?
Did the angels really sing?
Did baby Jesus cry?
Did Mary and Joseph really know?
Did Jesus know anything other than he was hungry and cold and tired?
Did anyone know the Good News?

How do we tell the story again without losing the wonder and amazement?
How do we live out the story in our lives without regulating it to myth and a dream?
How do we share the story that the Word was made flesh?
How do we speak the Good News?

We sing.

Silent Night, Holy Night
Joy to the world; all is bright
In the bleak midwinter, upon the midnight clear
Angels we have heard on high (do you hear what I hear?)

Angels from the Realms of Glory,
Glory to the newborn king
Away in a manger, infant holy, infant lowly,
We hear the angels sing.

Even when our faith seems weak, we can still sing, the old hymns and the old carols.
Even when we let go of old myths and frameworks that no longer work for us, we can still sing.
Even when our theology breaks forth into something new, we can still sing.
Even when we turn back to the old stories and find new meaning, we can still sing.
We can always sing to tell the Good News.

Closing prayer:
Sing the carol that is on your heart. Amen and amen.

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