Scripture: Revelation 22:16-17

Yesterday’s devotional reading was from Genesis 1, today’s is from Revelation 22. The beginning and the ending. As we prepare for the birth of Christ, we are also preparing for Jesus to come again. We are preparing for Christ to enter our lives and our world in a new way. We don’t know what that will look like. We have ideas, glimpses, and Scripture actually does not say a whole lot. There are references to the Son of Man coming on a cloud in the Gospels; then we have some strange references in Revelation and Paul has a few ideas in the Epistles, but even then it is shady as to what this Second Coming will look like. Fiction writers such as Dante and Milton have led to much of the imaginative description popular in today’s literature on the return of Christ, but the ultimate truth is that we. do. not. know. We can guess. We have glimpses. But we truly do not know.

What we do know is this: Christ comes as a fulfillment of God’s covenant, a fulfillment of promises made of old, a fulfillment of the life and death cycle, in that the gap between life here on earth and life eternal that is death is swept away forever.

As we prepare for the birth of Christ, we remember that life continues forever. We are invited to participate in this eternal life here and now, to step across the bridge over death from life to life. This bridge began in the beginning, but came to light in the person of Jesus the Christ, for whom we celebrate and for whom we wait.

Ancient of Days, You have written the story of life from the beginning and it has no end. You put an end to endings, and invite us to participate in this eternal story that is love. Guide us in ways of sharing this good news with the world. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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