Scripture: Genesis 1:1-5

In the beginning, the earth was a formless void, and God created light out of/in that void. As the Winter Solstice occurs at 12:30AM tomorrow, we are reminded of the light shining in the darkness, as yesterday’s devotional was about, but we also remember that the first of God’s acts in all of creation was to create light.

We remember the Apollo 8 mission on Christmas Eve, 1968, the astronauts broadcast live to us on earth was to read from Genesis. While we near the celebration of the birth of Christ, we remember that all of creation waits in bated breath for God to move in us and in all of creation in a new way. We recognize in this darkest time the rotation of the earth and the revolution around the sun, and how unique our Earth is, how its revolution’s precise location and path make life on earth possible. Awe and majesty and wonder. How beautiful it must have been for those astronauts to see the earth that Christmas Eve, but also how scary it must have been, to be among the few that have left this earth to see from a different point of view.

Can we step back from our narrow view of the busy-ness of the season and the consumerism–can we step back from our lives that are often filled with activities and work and drama to see all of creation, and our part in it, from a different point of view? Can we see creation through the eyes of our Creator, even if we can only imagine?

Let the wonder and beauty of the season fill your hearts, minds, and eyes–so that we might live more mindfully of our Creator and our role in the care of creation.

Molder of Life, Great Creator, create in us a new way of living, a new way of seeing, a new way of acting as faithful followers of Jesus in this world, so that we might have a glimpse of how You see us and all of creation. Grow our hearts and minds to be filled with awe and wonder of You and Your creative work. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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