Scripture: Habakkuk 2:1-14

As we prepare for Christ’s return, for Christ to come into our lives in a new way as we celebrate again the story of Jesus’ birth, what is the vision for your life? What is the vision that guides you? Is it earthly successes and fortune, fame and greed? Or is your vision of a life full of the righteousness of God?

Patience, perseverance and trust are part of the Advent waiting and part of our very faith life. As I train to run (and am running a 5K the morning of this devotional) I know that I need to train for endurance, so that I can finish the race, so that I will not give up halfway through or slow down or feel it is too hard. So we have to train for this faith life, and be prepared for the mountains and valleys, the brightness and the shadows, for all are part of the journey of faith. When we seek a shortcut to satisfaction by means of earthly successes; when we turn our backs on the poor and hungry, the sick and the marginalized to put ourselves and our own gain first, we have left the path of righteousness and the vision of the Way that Christ built on earth. We have not trained to endure but instead have turned to quick satisfaction, which will burn out and leave us feeling hollow and empty. Training to endure is living by a vision beyond ourselves, running the path of righteousness, and living the ways that Christ has taught us.

Guide our feet, O God, while we run this race. Keep us to the path, O God, so that we might not look for shortcuts of quick satisfaction but train us to endure so that we might live a life according to Your righteousness. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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