Scripture: Psalm 96

As the northern hemisphere prepares for winter, we are reminded that all of creation takes part in the fulfillment of God’s hope. We often focus on ourselves, on our own salvation, on our own hopes for restoration, instead of the wholeness of creation. In the southern hemisphere, Advent takes place at the beginning of summer, when all of creation is in bloom and full of life, the birth of Christ takes place at the brightest and warmest time of the year. Both locations tell the story of Advent as a time of preparation: preparing as the light becomes its brightest, and preparing as the light is beginning to return. All of creation tells the story of God, and let us not forget the trees of the field and the birds of the air. As we wait for God to enter our lives in a new way, for Christ to return, let us also remember that all of creation is waiting with baited breath.

Creator God, call us into renewed relationship with each other, with all of creation and with You, so that we might see the fulfillment of Your love in all You have created, in the wholeness of the story of life. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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