Scripture: Mark 1:1-8

(To the tune of Michael Row Your Boat Ashore)

Pre-pare the way of God, Hallelujah!
Pre-pare the way of God, Hallelujah!

The voice of one calls out to Thee, Hallelujah!
The voice of one calls to you and me, Hallelujah!

Make the way for the Lord, Hallelujah!
Seek the Christ, the living Word, Hallelujah!

Follow the Star to the Child, Hallelujah!
From the desert and the wild, Hallelujah!

Come to praise and Come to pray, Hallelujah!
Pre-pare to follow The Way, Hallelujah!

Holy Spirit, as You move through us in creativity, in song and poetry, drama and story, help us to tell Your story again and again, and to live out Your story in our lives. Help us to never lose the wonder and mystery of the season and of Your birth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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