So, I’ve been busy. So busy that I missed last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post and didn’t get this week’s done in time. So here’s a silly Top “Five” Tuesday/Wednesday post on what I’ve been up to:

1. Research, Finding, Calling: researching more about Autism, trying to find a new doctor for AJ and making calls to other resources as well as parents. We’ve done some research in the past, when we first suspected autism, but it’s hard to find a doctor in our area that is familiar with autism. There is no support group in our town for families with autism–there is one across the border in TX but it meets during the day, which doesn’t work for our working family–but there is a movement to start a new support group here and I added my name to it. On top of this, I am looking into SS and other services for AJ.

2. Work: I have been substitute teaching in the public school system as well as at our church’s school. I quit my job at the church’s school to sub full-time in the district, but have been asked to sub in our church’s school every day since I quit–so really, I never left! But I’ve definitely been more busy the last two weeks.

3. Writing: I’ve been doing more research on some writing projects and looking for publishers. I’ve had a book I’ve been working on for a year now based on my retreats and have been looking for a publisher for a while.

4. This website! Believe it or not, I’ve attended a couple of business courses and am looking at expanding this site to offer some resources for sale, including my popular Christmas pageants! I also hope to offer an “online version” of my retreats in the form of online coaching.

5. Home Improvement: we scraped and sanded and painted our living room and my husband added trim to the windows last weekend. Now we have to paint the trim and then we can finally move into our living room.

So that’s my list–on top of attending church events and teaching our 4th-6th grade Sunday Evening course. I’m also guest preaching at a local congregation on the 25th and preparing for some youth events coming up. More to come on #’s 3 and 4 soon!

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