My son has Autism-Spectrum Disorder. He also has a speech delay.
We had a wonderful appointment today at the OU Child Study Center–I highly, highly recommend them. It took us 10 months from when we requested the appointment until today, but it was worth it.
We have good support and plans for moving forward.

So far we seem to be doing all the right things–getting AJ into church school and now Head Start are both helping him with socialization, understanding routines, and hopefully, eventually mainstream public schools (with help from aides, of course). Speech Therapy through Early Intervention was also the right step and we are going to continue with speech therapy now that he is beyond the age of Early Intervention. We have some good suggestions and steps for follow-up and we are very happy. It’s good knowing more of where we are going.

AJ is AJ. He’s a loveable guy and is very bright. He loves to learn (except when he’s stubborn about something, but even that he eventually gets through). He has his quirks and habits–some are just silly, some are serious, but overall, they are what makes him AJ. He is a gift from God and we wouldn’t have him any other way.

We appreciate thoughts and prayers, and we are in a good place. We are getting good support now and were encouraged by the team that met with us, and I encourage other parents out there to keep on asking questions, seeking support and find centers such as OU’s Child Study Center that offer team approaches to evaluating and assessing children with suspected autism-spectrum disorders.

Mama Mindi

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