Sort of a personal update for a Top Ten List, but here’s what’s going on in my life.


This is Tobi, our new puppy. She is about 8 months old (birthday 12/20) and is a Husky/Boxer mix. She is full of energy and an aggressive licker. She is also my new jogging partner. AJ is still not sure about her because of her aggressive licking and constant need of attention–after all, shouldn’t he be the center of attention?

2. I’m jogging a lot more, and training again for a 5K this fall. I jogged my first 5K post-partum last fall but started slacking on the jogging late spring. With the 100+ degree weather we have had (we had 44 days of 100+ temps until last Thursday!) it’s been hard to get in the jogging, but the dog helps me get up early. It’s still 80 degrees at 5AM, though!

3. I am now a substitute teacher in our school district. Nice to be out in the community again in my work, and I hope to get to know new people in the community this way.

4. I am able to do this because AJ has started in a three-year-old program that has an extended day. AJ is getting much-needed socialization and learning. As I’ve shared in previous posts, AJ is different. He has known his alphabet since he was 20 months and could count to 15 by the time he was two and a half. He reads short words and knows a ton of words, especially from TV shows, but has difficulty with communicating with others. He does not look people in the eye nor does he initiate conversation very often. He may answer questions with one-word answers. He gets pretty frustrated if you don’t understand what he wants right away. We’re very hopeful that this program will help him in adjusting to being with other kids and adults. He’s already come home saying the word “share” so he must be learning!

5. Our big evaluation for AJ is next Tuesday, and we would appreciate prayers as we will be gone up to OKC for an autism assessment. We had to get this appointment 10 months ago so it has been a long time coming!


I shared a picture before, but this is our home that we closed on in May. We are still doing work on the house–currently I am hoping to finish scraping and sanding and will be ready to paint our guest room and our living room, so we can unpack the final boxes of books for our big shelving unit. We were going to postpone painting for a while, but when we removed the gawdy awful drapes, we realized that the previous owners had painted around the drapes rather than removing them. Also the trim was removed and just not painted over or replaced. So that is the next project.

7. I’m writing a lot more. I am going to be writing for a few sites now (stay tuned for links) and I’m pretty excited about that. I’m hoping to focus more on this site in the coming weeks and offer more resources for congregations and clergy soon.

8. Did I mention it’s been hot??? The heat and the drought here have made it hard to enjoy the outdoors at times, so I’ve been reading more blogs. Ever since I joined Twitter, I find myself reading new blogs every day that I would have never found. I thought I would read more books, but instead, I’m reading a lot of people that the world doesn’t know, thought-provoking ideas and insights that are challenging me more than re-reading Faith Seeking Understanding by Migliore (which is what I’m reading when I’m not reading blogs).

9. I’m considering going back to school. Stay tuned–I waver back and forth on this, but with three seminaries within three hours of driving, it’s tempting, since I am unable to serve a church right now (we want to be part of the same church as a family, which we weren’t able to do the first 18 months of AJ’s life).

10. I am looking forward to fall, to cooler nights, to sitting out on our back patio with a good book or with this laptop, writing, with AJ and Tobi playing in the backyard. May it come soon!

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