Holy One,
We come to You in our shock and sadness. We grieve this sudden loss of lives in senseless acts of violence. Strong Deliverer, we seek Your protection, strength and comfort in this time. May Your presence be made known to all who grieve. May Your strength be with all those who have survived, who will live with the memory of this moment forever etched in their minds. We pray especially for the people of Oslo, Norway, but our prayers include all those who have experienced the horror and violence from acts of terror in this world.
Prince of Peace, we surrender our desire for revenge to You. We remember Your call to pray for those who would persecute us, to pray for our enemies. We pray for the ones who have caused these acts of violence, who have brought fear and death into our world again. We ask that You protect us from all acts of violence, including our own anger and revenge, that we might not become like those who cause terror. Help us to mirror Your image in this world, to be peacemakers, to pursue the path of peaceful living as far as it depends upon us.
Almighty God, help us to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with You. Help us not to seek revenge and retribution but Your justice, Your restoration, Your way of life that is renewed and restored through Your death on the cross. Help us not to live in fear but to walk in hope. In the name of Christ, the one who lived, died and lives again so that we might have life abundantly, we pray. Amen.

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