Today’s TTT list is the Top Ten Clergy Blogs I have been reading… which isn’t to say there aren’t more, and I apologize if yours doesn’t get mentioned (especially if you are a dear friend… but that means you need to post MORE and/or add more links to Facebook or Twitter to get my attention!)


1. PeaceBang’s blog(s): PeaceBang and Beauty Tips for Ministers by Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein.  I started following Beauty Tips years ago because I found it funny and yet practical as the Stacy and Clinton for clergy.  I have enjoyed her personal blog more in understanding her insights as both a Christian Unitarian Universalist and as a New England pastor.

2. SocioTheology by Rev. J. Manny Santiago.  Manny is a dear friend and I was his supervisor in Field Education at First Baptist Church in Newton.  Manny’s blog bridges cultures, languages, and the fields of sociology and theology, and is an excellent read.

4. OrdinaryDays by Rev. Christana Wille McNight.  A seminary friend, Christana blogs about being a pastor to a church re-start in New England (UUA), about being a mom, and the interesting intersection of ministry and motherhood.

5. TheologicalSnob by Rev. Jonathan Malone.  Jonathan is a fellow American Baptist minister in New England and blogs about Baptist life and theology, with wit and sarcasm.

6. Be(com)ing by Rev. Manda Adams.  Manda is a UCC minister in New York and used to be my roommate years ago!  Manda has blogged about her seminary and ordination journey and transition into full-time ministry.

7. The Blog of Bob Baril  by Rev. Bob Baril.  Bob is an Assembly of God pastor who was one of my colleagues in Framingham.  His church closed last year and he has been transitioning from pastoral ministry.  Bob is a great friend.  We don’t always agree theologically, but we are in the same spirit as friends and I appreciate his honesty and thought-triggering posts.

8. JC’s Jottings by Rev. JC Mitchell.  Yes, this is my husband.  And yes, I didn’t put his at the top of this list.  Truth is, I don’t always read his blog because I know what he’s writing about already! 🙂  JC doesn’t preach from a manuscript, but after research, practice, and preaching, he instead blogs his thoughts after his sermon on Sunday as a way of keeping record and inviting discussion.

9. Brad’s Mixed Forecast  by Rev. Brad Watters.  Brad was another colleague and seminary friend back in Massachusetts.  Brad blogs reflections on faith, theology and the church.

10. Danielle Shroyer by Rev. Danielle Shroyer.  Danielle is an author and pastor in the Dallas area involved in the Emergent Church movements and writes great theological reflections on the church today.

And a BONUS today: I offer up my friend Rev. Kevin Baker-Rooks blog as a Bonus, because he is just starting out on his blogging ministry.  Check it out as he gets going!  Great reflections on theology and the church.

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