I haven’t written about my retreats lately, but one of my favorite retreats to lead is “Co-Creating Vision for Your Life.” I used to call it “Spirituality in Life and Work.” It’s the same retreat, but the title is a little more purposeful.

The point of this retreat is to help individuals (usually women, as I’ve mainly run women’s retreats, but I’m open to other groups, too!) co-create a vision of their lives with God.  I have found that many people, but especially women, end up at points in their lives where they ask the question, “What am I doing with my life?  How did I get here?”  The point of this retreat is to help people look back over their lives, learn from the choices and decisions they have made and learn how to navigate transitions in their lives, especially when some decisions appear to be made by the expectations of others, whether family, friends or society, rather than by personal choices made in relationship with God.

My goal of the retreat is for individuals to look on the past as learning moments, rather than feeling disappointed with the choices that were made.  We then co-create a vision of our lives with Christ that is authentic and meaningful for us, a vision that helps us move forward and gives us a point of clarity to seek joy and happiness.  I know an awful lot of people who simply are not happy with their lives.  My hope is that by the process of the retreat, the discussions, the exercises, and the time spent together, I can help in the process of helping you co-create a vision with God for your life.

My retreats in the past have been with church groups but also in interfaith settings.  I speak the language that I know and am familiar with as a Christian, but I welcome all who seek greater understanding of their life and wanting to go deeper in connecting with the Divine in co-creating a vision for their lives.

I recently did a sample run of an “online” version of  my retreat, basically an online coaching session for six weeks.  I hope to launch an online version over the summer and will announce details in a future date.  As good as that can be, however, it is much more rewarding to do this work in person.  So if you are interested in having me come be a retreat leader, please let me know.  I would love to come to your organization or congregation.  I am located in Oklahoma, but travel expenses can be worked out, especially for coming to the Northeast or the Northwest.  Talk to me about it.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, also talk to me about it.  I am working on becoming a mentor and coach and would love to work with women (especially clergy, but I’m open to others as well) in co-creating a vision for their life.

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