Wondrous God,

You created our beautiful earth, and called that creation good.  You created our seas and rivers, our mountains and beaches.  You tilted the earth to give us seasons of winter and spring, summer and autumn.  You gave us the moon and created tides.  You created this great planet that lives and breathes, and at times shudders and cracks.

Loving God, we mourn with all those who are grieving after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and across the great Pacific.  We pray for those families who are still searching for loved ones.  We lift up those who have been injured, those who are still lost, awaiting to be found and given aid.  Help us to bring comfort and aide where we can, to extend not only our finances but our hearts.  Guide us in Your wisdom in how we might best care for others, for we are Your hands and feet on this earth.  We are the body of Christ.  Help us to be moved with the whole body of Christ in solidarity with those who are hurting.

Gracious God, we pray for the repercussions in the aftermath of this natural tragedy; we are especially praying for all those that live near the nuclear facilities, that they might be kept out of harm’s way and that the safety measures in place will be enough to keep the people safe.  We pray for those near factories and other potential sources of danger in the aftermath that they would be kept safe.  We pray for all those workers and volunteers coming to aide the sick and the hurt and the bereaved that You would keep them safe, dear God.

Great Creator, You formed this beautiful earth.  You blessed Your creation.   We do not know why these things happen, but we do know that You are at work in the restoring of the coastline; You are at work in the softening of he waves; You are at work in the hearts of those who are giving of themselves to save others.  You continue to be at work in the hearts of those who are sharing what they have and doing what they can to be Your arms in this world.  May we do our part to be a blessing to others in need when disaster comes.  May we always be reminded that we are Your body here on earth.  May we reach out and continue to be Your hands and feet in this world.  In the name of Christ, the Great Comforter, the Great Healer, the Great Restorer, we pray all things.  Amen.

2 Responses to Special prayer for Sunday, March 13th, in light of the Japan earthquake

  1. Rev. Jim Hinds says:

    Mindi, thanks for your timely, focused and creation linked words. We are, as usual with events like these, bereft at how the world works. May we never forget that one working of this world (in our Christian respones) is our action to aid those in need.

    Peace, Pastor Jim

  2. Debi Powell-Maxwell says:

    Thank you for sharing your very profound and focused words in a time of such profound tragedy. Your words help me form my own. Thank you, Mindi

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