I posted a few months ago about a resource I had written for Disciple’s Women and their website for Thanksgiving.  I now have a new Advent resource on their page, if you check out the Advent 2010 link as well as Thanksgiving 2010: http://www.discipleshomemissions.org/pages/DW-GeneralProgram  These are general programs used by the Christian Women’s Fellowship groups in local churches and I’m thrilled to have two of mine published there, and I’m working on a couple for next year as well.

I’m also thrilled to announce that my pageants have been a hit and I’ve heard from congregations across the U.S., Canada and Great Britain who are considering them for use this year.  If you are interested, you can check them out here: http://rev-o-lution.blogspot.com/2010/10/advent-worship-resources.html  For now I am offering the Christmas Pageants for use in your church for free! 

I’m excited that the word is getting out about this blog and that people are discovering it around the world.  In the meantime, I’ve also been continuing to lead women’s retreats and recently led a retreat on “Empowering Faith: Relieving Anxiety, Gaining Trust and Confidence in Christ” at my husband’s church.  It was an honor to lead the retreat and I’m currently working on a Clergy Women’s retreat in February here in Oklahoma.  If you’d like to contact me about my retreats, see my contact information to the right.


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