If you’ve noticed, I’ve made a few changes on this site. 🙂
I changed the layout, deciding the old brown and pink had run its course and was time for something a little more vibrant.
I have also added more notes on retreats that I lead.  Since I am no longer in full-time pastoral ministry, I have time to pursue other avenues of ministry that I love and have experienced God’s gifts in my life.
I still plan on blogging on the usual–whatever comes up in my life–ministry, motherhood, hot topics of the day, life in general, etc.–but I will hopefully be blogging more often and be including more on writing and retreats and other passions in my life.

In a sense, Rev-O-Lution never fit better, in that I am a reverend who has revolved 180 degrees from the life I had in Massachusetts as a full-time pastor in a church, to a full-time mom and wife in a church.  God’s call is always renewing itself in new ways in my life, and I am happy to be along for the ride and change direction where needed.

Blessings, Mindi


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