Here are some snapshots, both photos and words, from some of the women who have attended my workshops and Women’s Retreats:

“Excellent thinking about what I want with the rest of my journey.”
“Loved the reflective time and ways to pray/encounter God.  It was great to think about my personal needs and having God’s will come through.”
“Loved practicing the various prayer experiences.”
“She offered many thought-evoking questions and her way was gentle and great!”
“Good variety of prayer practices for my spiritual life.”
“Thank you so much!  This was exactly what I needed.”
“Loved the writing exercises and reminders to find joy in life.  Dream again!”
“Loved the non-traditional approaches to prayer.”
“She was the most inspiring retreat leader.  She really touched my life right where I needed it.  I could have listened to her all day.  These workshops made my day.”
“She offered terrific questions.  I enjoyed trying new prayer techniques.  The Journey of Life was a fantastic topic with many questions I will keep thinking about.”
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